Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Camping and Travel Trailers

Although we go on a camping trip to enjoy the wilderness, we’re so used to modern lifestyle that we need all sorts of comforts to make our trip enjoyable. Fortunately, several gadgets and accessories are being developed that make a camping venture less difficult and more fun, especially when you have your family with you. A camping trailer in itself is such an extremely useful gadget for camping. Plus, you should consider a few more cool gadgets for camping and travel trailers.

1. RV Solar Panels

As mentioned earlier, we’re used to modern lifestyle which includes a variety of gadgets like cell phones and camera, all of which need to be charged. In that situation, if you’re going to be away for a decent amount of time from a powered site, you’ll need some other way of recharging your trailer and gadgets. Here RV solar panels are the way to go.

You can choose between permanent solar panel and portable folding solar panels. The former is perfect for those who spend more amount of time on their travel trailer, while the latter is cheaper than the former and apt for those who don’t use their trailer for long term travel. Both are easy to install or one can get them installed by professionals. Plus, both are more economical than generators and as an added bonus, work quietly and are clean and renewable. Of course, they need the sun.

2. Mobile Jetpack

If you want to work on your RV while enjoying camping and RVing at the same time, you need a gadget that will help you stay connected to the internet and also with your loved ones. A mobile jetpack can immensely boost your data ability so that you don’t have to unplug while on the road. It helps you form a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to do anything on the Web including browsing, surfing and streaming.

3. Fire Piston

When you’re out for camping, you need a fire, for cooking food, for warmth, for keeping wildlife away or just for enjoying a campfire. However, those who might have tried to light a fire in the jungles know that it’s not as easy as it’s shown in movies.

Here a fire piston can make your job a snap; even your kids can do it! This extremely helpful gadget enables you to start a fire provided you have good dry fuel and firewood.

4. Umbrella Hat

We all love rain. But when we’re out for camping, rain can be a kind of unkind. Forget your body, you at least need to protect your head from being wet. Holding an umbrella is surely a solution, but not in the jungles where the rain is accompanied by strong winds that can blow your umbrella away; plus your hands, at least one of them, remains engaged.

An umbrella hat can protect your head while keeping your hands free. By the way, it’s also useful if your head is being burned by the sun at the campsite.

5. LED Flashlight Gloves

A flashlight is really an essential thing to have in a camping trip. But what if you have to go on searching for it when you hear weird sounds inside or outside your tent or need to attend a call of nature at late night? LED flashlight gloves are an excellent gadget that helps you have the flashlight literally right at your fingertips and find your way or if anything is around that you must watch out.

6. Camp Stove Toaster

If you can’t live without toasts, but are wondering where you’d get them at your campsite, don’t worry. With a stove toaster specially made for camping, you can have your favorite steaming hot deliciously baked golden toasts every morning. This gadget usually has a gridded platefurnished with 4 or more holders for the bread slices. This gadget is certainly going to help you enjoy a delicious breakfast during your camping trip.

7. Espresso Maker

And if you need a cup of espresso to enjoy with your toasts,  get a portable espresso maker which doesn’t need electricity or battery, and it’ll make a refreshing hot cupof espresso while you enjoy the cool, fresh morning and views of the golden sunrise. Since such an espresso maker is small and light you can easily take it with you on your trip. Itmay also be equipped with a semi-automatic piston so you can brew a rich, flavorful espresso just as you want.

8. Portable Wood Burning Stove

If you’re wondering how to make your toasts and espresso, you can have a portable wood burning stove. A handy, sleek and eco-friendly stove will help you make your favorite camping food and boil water. However, it may be more than that. It can convert the heat from your fire to electricity and enable you to charge your gadgets like cell phones, LED lights and more.

9. Flashlight Spatula

While your flashlight LED gloves can help you findobjects or your way in the dark, for cooking in the dark you need something that won’t burn. Use a flashlight spatula which will make your late night campfire grilling a cinch.

10. Edible Cups

If you hate the part of your camping trip in which you have to collect all the trash in a bag and dump it away from your campsite, how will you feel if there is no trash? Yes, you can buy 100% edible cups that will eliminate trash. They are made from plant-based gelatin that you can eat and reduce your carbon footprint. And don’t worry, they are tasty too.

Consider having these gadgets for your next outdoor venture to enjoy camping and RVingin a true sense!

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