How To Improve Your Lawn Care Routine With Zero Turn Mowers

A lawn is any homeowner’s pride and joy because of the hours they’ve put in and how good it feels to have the soft, lush grass under one’s feet. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and your lawn isn’t the way you want it. 

Your grass is yellow and weak, your lawn is filled with weeds, it doesn’t look neat at all and you can’t figure out a proper lawn care routine involving your zero turn mower. If you struggle with any of those problems, don’t worry! This list of lawn care tips will definitely help you out. 

Lawn Care Tips

Does all the talk of zero turn mowers, weed and feed brands, NPK ratios and soil tests make your head spin? Do you get confused when your lawn’s growth doesn’t respond the way you want it to?

Here are some tips that will help you keep your lawn lush and green! So, let’s dive in!

Work More Efficiently

Most people spend hours in the sun working on their lawn but barely get anything done because their lawn is so big or their work is so slow. However, you should try and cut down your hours by investing in appliances or products that save time but improve your lawn’s health. 

One such product is the zero turn mower. This mower takes a lot less time than the traditional mowers we’re used to seeing and its flawless mowing ability allows you to have a neat and healthy lawn in half the time you used to spend mowing it before. 

If you’re looking for a zero turn mower for your home that’s both efficient and affordable, take a look at the DASH mowers by ABC motors.

Mow According To The Season

Whether you’re using a zero turn mower or a cylinder mower, make sure that your mowing frequency is according to the season. Generally, you need to mow your lawn once a week in the spring and summer if you’re using a zero turn mower. 

In the fall and in winters, you might need to space out the time between mowings because the grass will be growing slower than before. 

Be Careful When Mowing Wet Grass

After a rain, most people want to enjoy the smell of their garden so they decide it’s time to mow their lawn. However, it’s important that amateur gardeners know how to use appliances like the zero turn motor in different conditions. 

After a rain, it’s important to slow the speed of your zero turn mowers so you don’t accidentally pull the grass out of the wet soil with the mower’s high speeds. The reason the zero turn mower is so popular among gardeners these days is because of its great speeds that allow you to cover great distances in a short time. 


However, it’s important to keep that speed in check in conditions such as when it rains or when you’ve just watered your lawn.

Clean Your Blades And Deck

Every time you get done with mowing your lawn, all you want to do is go inside for a cold drink or a lie-down. However, it’s important that you clean the blades and deck of your zero turn mower before you head in. 

Doing so is extremely important for your lawn’s health because the dead grass and debris stuck to your lawn mower can dull the blades and decrease your lawn mower’s efficiency. There’s also a good chance that the wet grass stuck to your zero turn mower’s blades will promote mold growth which you will transfer to your lawn when you mow it the next time. 

This is especially important for people running a lawn mowing business because they need to make sure their clients have healthy gardens. If you’re looking to grow your lawn mowing business, take a look at these zero turn mowers for business owners.

Mow In Different Directions

It’s probable that you’ve developed a certain path with your zero turn mower that you follow every time you mow your lawn. However, it’s a good thing to change your directions from time to time because your grass will grow in only a certain direction if you mow the lawn in the same pattern all the time. 

In addition, the wheels of your zero turn mower will develop permanent tracks in your lawn if you don’t change your directions from time to time.

Don’t Cut Long Grass In One Go

Sometimes, you end up neglecting your lawn when you’re busy or you go for vacation and no one mows your lawn in the meanwhile and it can cause your grass to grow a bit long. However, don’t mow it all in one go, even with a zero turn mower. 

When you mow off too much of your grass’s total length, it may lead to stress, which will cause your lawn to turn brown and weak. Give it a few days after mowing it and then mow it again if it’s still too long. 


Lawn care is not that hard if you learn the ins and outs of the appliances you’re using, such as the zero turn mower. However, it’s also important that the lawn care appliances you use are of excellent quality. 

So, if you’re looking for a new zero turn mower, browse through this collection of affordable yet durable zero turn mowers for a new addition to your lawn care supplies!