Zero-Turn Mowers - Spartan & Hustler - Maintenance Schedule

Before Each Use:
General Inspection: Visually inspect unit for loose hardware
and/or damaged parts.
- Check for battery connection/damage.
- Check blades
- Check engine oil and hydraulic pumpoil
- Check fuel level
- Clean engine and transaxle compartment
- Check tire pressure with agauge
- Clean engine exterior, paying special attention to the oil
cooler and blower housing.
- Visually inspect ROPS and mounting hardware
- Clean grass off deck and muffler cover
Check cooling air intake screen and external surface of engine

 Grease deck height pivots
- Grease front wheel bearings
- Grease deck idler pulley
- Grease pump idler pulley
- Grease anti-scalp wheels
- Check pump & deck belt tension and condition

First 25 Hours:
Change engine oil and filter
Check and Tighten lug nuts on wheels

Every 100 Hours:
Change Engine Oil and Filter
Change Air Filter
Change Spark Plugs
Inspect Pump and Deck Belt

Every 200 Hours
Change Hydro Transmission Fluid & Filter

Every 300 Hours:
Check and Re-Adjust Valve Clearance
Change Pump and Deck belt

Every Season:
Change Fuel Filter
Add Fuel Stabalizer to fuel at end of season
Empty Tank as  best as possible
Add Fuel Additive to fuel system to start season
- Tighten lug nuts on wheels
Check Tire Pressure
Inspect Blades


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