5 Reasons Small Travel Trailers Rule and 3 Smart Hacks for a Rewarding Trip

Exploring the country’s natural treasures in the comfort of a home on wheels is a glorious pursuit that many dream of. But not everyone wants to hit the open road in an RV that’s huge, heavy, and hard to maneuver. This post will look at five reasons why small travel trailers are quickly becoming the go-to choice for beginner and seasoned RVers. And then, we will learn some hacks for traveling in a small travel trailer.


Let’s dive in.

Smaller Travel Trailers are Super Convenient


Towing a gigantic trailer along narrow roads and navigating city streets can be anything but pleasant. But with a smaller unit, you can easily navigate urban traffic and fit at any parking spot. And when you want to venture off the beaten track and camp in nature, a small trailer will take you places a large RV can’t go. After the trip, you don’t have to worry about storage space as it can fit comfortably in the driveway.


They are Lightweight


One of the best things about owning a small travel trailer is the weight factor. These RVs weigh less, which means you can tow them with smaller vehicles. For large trailers, you’ll have to invest in a truck or SUV with a heavy towing capacity. If you don’t want to budget for a towing vehicle, a lightweight camping trailer might be for you.


Small Travel Trailers are Very Efficient


Pulling a small trailer behind you not only means smooth driving but also excellent gas mileage. Since these trailers are light, towing them is more economical. The latest models are being made with lighter and more aerodynamic materials than ever before, allowing you to spend less on gas.


Small RV Trailers are Comfortable and Cozy


Just because they are small doesn’t mean they don’t come with the comforts of a regular-size trailer. Despite the compact size, small camper trailers have room for a family and can be fitted with all the features you love. Some amenities they offer include full baths, full kitchen, cozy living space, comfortable sleeping arrangement, TV, AC, and ample storage space.

A Small Trailer Won’t Break the Bank


While bigger motorhomes can run north of a quarter-million dollars, even nearing half a million, you can purchase small travel trailers for less than $20,000. This makes them a budget-friendly option for families who want to own a recreational vehicle without breaking the bank.


Smart Hacks for a Rewarding Trip in a Small Travel Trailer


Here are some tricks to make the most out of your trip when camping in a small travel trailer.


  • Packing a Small Travel Trailer - Since space is quite limited, you'll need to travel light to keep your home-on-wheels uncluttered. Bring less, pack the weight evenly across the floorplan, and make use of vertical space.


  • Organizing Things - To keep the rig organized, bring multi-use items. Mason jars can store leftovers and still function as drinking cars, while a roll-up dish rack can double as a platform for drying washed fruits and veggies. To save more space, bring a stackable item such as pots, pans, and mixing bowls.


  • Camping - Your small travel trailer can venture where massive rigs can't. So take advantage of that. Instead of squeezing in a crowded RV campground, consider going off the beaten path and camping closer to nature once in a while.


Happy RVing in a Small RV trailer!


Compact travel trailers aren’t just for people dipping a toe in the RVing lifestyle. Seasoned RVers are now downsizing to reap the benefits of a smaller camper. It’s far more affordable to buy, travel in, and maintain, and it offers all the comforts of a regular-size trailer.

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