Travel Trailer Camping - Explore the World with True Pleasure

If you have been tent camping for several years and if you are finding it more and more difficult to sleep on air mattresses and get up from them in the morning, it’s perhaps the best time to upgrade to an RV, travel trailer or a motorhome. Travel trailer camping has some distinct benefits over tent camping. But before looking at them, let’s look at tent camping.

Tent Camping

As there is a variety in types of tents, there is a great variety in tent campers too. One reason people choose tent camping is that they love being out in the rustic nature. It’s also far cheaper to take long road trips and camping than getting a hotel room every night.

Small and Big Tents

You can have small or big tents according to the size of your group. Small tents work well when you have to stay only for one night and also in high wind conditions, because their small size keeps them from waving in the wind. Find a tent that has two doors and all mesh so as to facilitate ventilation and also no two persons have to crawl over each other while getting in or out. Also ensure that the rain fly is working well. Especially when there is sand on the campsite, don’t forget to buckle down the rain fly very tight and low to the ground so that sand doesn’t make an entry inside.

Big tents might have a vestibule attachment that can allow a covered entry and a space to place your chairs in rainy conditions.

RV Camping

While you may initially be skeptical about whether you can embrace RV camping easily or not, you will actually love it. Still there are some points to consider before getting into it.


The very first point you’ll have to consider is funds, since RVs are not cheap. Of course, they come in a range of sizes and prices. If you want just a place to sleep, it’s guaranteed that you may get something for only a few hundreds or thousands. But if you want an actual house on wheels, you may have to spend several hundred thousand or over a million. But even this has a solution of secondhand camper which is pretty cheaper.

If you choose to get a full-fledged camper instead of a popup or camper van, you can still stay quite small and low-priced in the grand system of things. Whichever size of RV/camper you buy, you should know one thing that you’ll need to buy a lot more than just the vehicle itself so as to be able to use it. In short, expenses will go on adding for which you should be prepared.

Campsites themselves will also be expensive, particularly if you need sewer and cable connections. Maybe you can do without cable, but may need a sewer hookup while staying at a site for more than a couple of nights. Gas expenses will be high too. All in all, you have to consider all these costs, besides the purchase price of the camper.

Benefits of a Camper

Despite that fact that, a camper and things that come with it may be costly, camping with a camper has several benefits knowing which you may start considering to get a camper immediately.

Your Own Cool Shade

First big advantage is you get your very own cool shade, especially when you are in a large open campsite with a scanty population of trees. You just have to extend the awning or can just sit inside in the air conditioning (of course, if you have an electric connection).

Great Comfort

Campers certainly offer great comfort. The hard floor of the camper is much more comfortable to sleep on than you get in a tent. And of course, this has a great advantage in rainy conditions when you can sleep more comfortably inside the camper than in a tent.

Built-in Kitchen

You can have a built-in kitchen with a grill, microwave, oven and a stove inside the camper. So, you can enjoy cooking in any weather conditions and eat food while enjoying the natural surroundings in the comfort of your RV.

Built-in Kitchen in RV


Another great benefit is that you will have a bathroom. Thus if showers at the campsite are dirty or if you would have to go at midnight, your situation would be much better. Of course, you will have to keep the bathroom clean; but at home too you have to do that. Moreover, this bathroom is pretty smaller meaning less time and effort are needed to clean it.

Carry Any Number of Things

Since you don’t have to carry loads on your back, you can carry more amount of luggage in your camper. You can carry any number of clothes, cooking equipment, play things, other entertainment stuff, books and more, which you cannot do during tent camping. This also means that you don’t have to pack and unpack bins and boxes every time you take a halt only for getting clothes or a dish.

Refrigerator and Cabinets

You can also carry your cabinets and refrigerator with you! This offers you more freedom regarding grocery and eliminates the need of purchasing ice every day. This will definitely save your money on grocery; plus, you can also enjoy leftovers which you cannot while traveling with a cooler.

Protection from Rain

Another benefit which is indeed great is that if it’s raining, you can stay dry in the safe spot under the awning or inside the camper; what’s more, you can cook too!


Great Advantage for Pet Parents

RV has the greatest advantage for those who have pets. When you don’t have an RV, you cannot always take your beloved pets with you or you have to make a lot of research to find a pet-friendly hotel and campsite during tent camping. On the other hand, an RV allows you to take your pet with you without having to leave them at a friend or pet sitter.

Easy to Tow

If you are wondering if towing a camper is hard or not, remember that towing a camper trailer is much easier than pulling a caravan. Often camper trailers are comparatively light and easy to tow. So, you don’t have to upgrade your vehicle to pull the extra load, as required sometimes while purchasing a caravan.

Easy to Tow

Go Off Road

You can go off road with a camper. If you are more adventurous than an average camper and have a passion to explore off-beat paths, you can do that with your camper and find a site that is truly unspoiled to spend your camping vacation. The dedicated 4WD camper trailers are lightweight and durable and can easily handle tougher terrains.

Easy to Store

Campers are compact which means they occupy less space when not in use. This is even more important if you have a smaller storage space at home and unless you are among those fortunate people who travel a lot, because barring your camping trips, your camper is going to spend most of the time in your home.

All in all, travel trailer camping has benefits that you cannot ignore and if you really want to satisfy your wanderlust, no other option can provide you more comfort than this. So, get one and start exploring the world with true pleasure!

by Neeta · February 12, 2018