Getting ready to start mowing with your zero-turn lawn mower this spring? Follow these six tips to make sure it’s in good working order before you start!

Now that spring is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your zero-turn lawn mower ready for the season. While you might still be on the fence about getting ready for the full growing season, the season won't! Before you know it, your lawn will be teeming with growth, and it's time to get ready to deal with it!


Whether you’re using a residential or commercial model, there are some essential steps you should take to ensure your machine is in tip-top shape and ready to tackle any job. No matter what type of mower you have, these tips will help ensure your machine is running smoothly and efficiently.


In this post, we're going to be giving you our top tips to get your zero-turn lawn mower ready for the spring season and signs you need to look for to spot any problems with your lawn mower that may need to be addressed. 

Checklist for Before Spring

Before we get into how you can prepare your zero-turn lawn mower for the spring season, let's go over a checklist of what you should be doing to get ready for the new season. Here are some steps you should take: 

1. Check the Oil Level: 

It’s important to check the oil level in your zero-turn lawn mower before you start using it this season. If the oil is low, you may need to top it off with fresh oil. It's also a good idea to check for any signs of oil leaks, which could indicate a bigger problem. 

2. Inspect the Blades: 

It's essential to inspect the blades of your zero-turn lawn mower for any wear or damage before you start using it each season. If there is any visible damage, replace them as soon as possible to avoid damaging your machine further and possibly injuring yourself. 

3. Clean and Lube the Deck: 

Make sure to clean off any debris from your mower’s deck before you start using it this season. Then, apply a lubricant or protective coating to ensure that your zero-turn lawn mower remains in good condition for many years to come. 

4. Change the Air Filter: 

If your zero-turn lawn mower has an air filter, it’s important to change or clean it before you begin using it. A dirty air filter not only affects the performance of your machine but can also damage other internal components. 

5. Test for Electrical Issues:

Before you start running your zero-turn lawn mower this season, you should test the electrical system for issues. Check the spark plug and battery to make sure they are in good condition, as well as any other wiring-related components that could be causing problems. 

Tips to Make Sure Your Lawn Mower is Ready for the Year

1. Check Over Your Mower: 

The first step in prepping your zero-turn lawn mower for the season is to give it a thorough inspection. Start by checking all of your hoses and belts for any signs of wear and tear, then inspect the tires to make sure they are properly inflated. Additionally, make sure all of your filters and spark plugs are in working order. 

2. Get it Serviced: 

If you haven’t had your mower serviced recently, now is the time to do so. A checkup will help make sure that all of your small engine parts are in working order and that any minor issues can be addressed before they become larger problems.

3. Replace Your Blades: 

Replacing the cutting blades on your zero-turn lawn mower is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. Dull or cracked blades tear the grass instead of cutting it, which causes damage and allows diseases to enter the plant. It’s recommended that you replace your blades every season or after 100 hours of use. 

4. Make Sure It Starts All Year: 

Regular maintenance is key for keeping your zero-turn lawn mower in working condition all year round. Change out your oil and spark plug regularly, and make sure you keep the fuel tank filled with fresh petrol. 

5. Yard Prep: 

Before you start mowing for the season, make sure to clear your yard of any large objects that could damage your machine or cause a safety hazard. Remove all toys, tools, and debris from your lawn before you begin mowing. 

6. Update Your Mower: 

If your mower is more than 3-5 years old, now may be the perfect time to update it. Newer models offer improved features that will make mowing easier and more efficient. Plus, it will have a warranty so you know you’re covered if something goes wrong. 

The Bottom Line: 

By following these tips, you can ensure that your zero-turn lawn mower is in good working order and ready to tackle any job this spring. With a little bit of prep work now, you’ll be able to enjoy a lush lawn throughout the entire season!