Elevation Park Model RV

Park Model RV

A Park Model RV, also known as a recreational park trailer, is a type of recreational vehicle that is designed for temporary accommodation, primarily used for recreational, camping or seasonal use.   These RVs are constructed with home quality materials on a single chassis with wheels, making them mobile and relatively compact.  One of the defining features of a Park Model is that it does not exceed 400 square feet in size to meet RV legal requirement. 

Reasons to consider a Park Model RV

  • Quality Home Built Construction
  • Seasonal Camping at RV Campground
  • Registered as a Recreational Vehicle
  • Commonly used as vacation homes
  • Customization is unlimited
  • Four Seasons Insulation
  • Residential Grade Appliances
  • Home Like Experience
  • Maximize Interior Space
  • Lofts for addition Bedrooms
  • Delivery within 50 Miles
  • RV Campground and Resort Approved

Common Questions & Answers About Park Model RVs

 What is a Park Model RV?

A Park Model RV, also known as a recreational park trailer, is a type of recreational vehicle designed for temporary accommodation, often used for recreational, camping, or seasonal purposes.

 How big are Park Model RVs?

Park Model RVs are typically under 400 square feet in size to meet legal requirements.

Can I live in a Park Model RV year-round?

While Park Model RVs are designed for seasonal use, some people do choose to live in them year-round. Check local regulations and RV park rules for restrictions.

What is the difference between a Park Model RV and a mobile home?

Park Model RVs are smaller and built on wheels, while mobile homes are larger, less mobile, and subject to different regulations.

Are Park Model RVs built to withstand winter weather?

Many Park Model RVs are designed with insulation to provide comfort during various seasons, including cold winters. However, the level of insulation varies, so it's important to check with the manufacturer.

How do I transport a Park Model RV to a new location?

Park Model RVs can be transported using specialized transport services that have experience moving oversized loads. It's important to follow local regulations.

Can I customize the interior of a Park Model RV?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for floor plans, finishes, appliances, and more to suit your preferences.

What kind of maintenance do Park Model RVs require?

Regular maintenance tasks include roof inspections, cleaning, exterior checks, HVAC system servicing, plumbing inspections, and electrical system checks.

Do I need a special permit to place a Park Model RV on my property?

The need for permits varies by location and local regulations. Check with your local authorities to understand the requirements.

Can I put a Park Model RV in an RV campground? 

 Yes, Park Model RVs are often placed in RV campgrounds or resorts. However, you'll need to check with the campground for availability and site requirements.

What utilities do I need for a Park Model RV?

 Park Model RVs typically require water, sewage, and electricity connections, much like a permanent residence.

Can I install solar panels on a Park Model RV?

Yes, many Park Model RVs can be equipped with solar panels or offer solar-ready options for off-grid living.

Can I finance a Park Model RV purchase?

Yes, you can often finance the purchase of a Park Model RV through lenders specializing in RV loans.

Do Park Model RVs come with a warranty?

Most manufacturers offer warranties on their RVs, but the terms and coverage can vary. It's essential to review the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Can I insure a Park Model RV?

Yes, you can obtain insurance for your Park Model RV to protect against various risks, such as damage, theft, or liability.

How can I find a Park Model RV park or campground for my RV? 

You can search online directories, contact local RV associations, or ask other RV owners for recommendations to find a suitable park or campground for your Park Model RV.Remember that specific details can vary depending on the manufacturer and location, so it's always a good idea to consult with professionals or the manufacturer for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Can you trade-in a park model?

Yes, park models can be appraised and given a trade-in value just like a travel trailer.  A pricing guide will be used to determine market value. 

What steps are included with setup and delivery?

ABC MOTORS will delivery it within 50 miles.  It includes leveling the unit and blocking.  It includes tie down of the unit.  It includes installation of the HVAC system. It includes the skirting of the unit with economy skirting(Upgrade available).