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Improve My Credit with ABC MOTORS in Buffalo, MO


If you have your own financing, great!  If not and your credit is bruised, we can help too.  Getting financing for one of our vehicles is as easy as ABC.  No matter how good or how bad your credit score is, we will do everything in our power to get you approved.  We report to the credit bureau monthly and it is a great chance to build or rebuild good credit.  


Our process is simple and quick.  Just complete the online credit application and we will go to work to get you pre-approved.  We promise no long drawn out Big-Lot finance department games.

If you've test driven one of our vehicles and know you want it, but don't have all of the required down payment we can still help you with our Lay-A-Way program.  We will ask you for a deposit on the vehicle. Then we will mark it sold and park it with our other Lay-A-Way vehicles until you are ready (up to six weeks).  


With our Lay-A-Way program, you know you are going to get exactly the car you want.  You don't have to settle for something else after you've saved up your down payment.